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Founded in 1862, Pecora Corporation® is an
American manufacturer of architectural weatherproofing
and building sealant products.

  • Full line of silicone, urethane and latex sealants
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Wide range of building sealant properties for the commercial construction and OEM markets
  • Innovative product development and custom color matching
  • Private label capabilities

Traffic Coatings and Sealants


Protect Your Investment from the effects of de-icing salts, airborne chlorides, and freeze thaw conditions with Pecora's high performance system of traffic coatings and sealants; including Pecora-Deck's one-part or two-part low VOC, low odor deck series. Each Pecora-Deck system offers unparalleled flexibility of virtually any color in the field through the use of our field tintable top coat.


Security Sealants


Pecora's highly specified Security Sealant System offers tamper proof and tamper resistant products in varying degrees of shore hardness. These sealants prevent idle tampering and vandalism for high security areas such as prisons, daycares, hospitals, courthouses, etc.


Weatherproofing Sealants


Pecora offers a full range of architectural sealants consisting of silicone, latex, urethane and hybrid chemistries. Each offering jobsites flexibility, durability, and structural protection that fits your project needs.


Air & Vapor Barrier


Pecora's XL- Perm Air, Vapor and Water Resistive Barrier System consists of a fully engineered and compatible products that work in tandem to provide complete air and vapor barrier protection for your building envelope.


Glass & Glazing


Pecora offers a complete line of products for demanding structural and non-structural glazing that are suitable for factory or field applications. With building codes becoming ever stricter, Pecora's glazing solutions include products with high green strength, long lasting bonds to a variety of substrates, and Pecora's industry leading non-staining (NST) technology.